Wix Launches AI-Powered Mobile App Creation Tool

Wix Launches AI-Powered Mobile App Creation Tool

Carmen Rodriguez
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Wix Introduces New Generative AI Feature for App Creation Using Plain English Descriptions

Wix is set to introduce a groundbreaking generative AI feature that enables users to effortlessly create and modify mobile apps for iOS and Android by simply articulating their vision in plain English. This innovative feature, slated for release this week within Wix's app builder tool, employs a chatbot-like interface to grasp the user's intent and aesthetic preferences, subsequently generating a personalized app. The premium Branded App plan, priced at $99 per month, guarantees fully native app code for both iOS and Android platforms, empowering users to exercise control over branding, layout, and features. Despite apprehensions about the quality of Wix's AI-generated products, CEO Avishai Abrahami remains confident, buoyed by positive feedback and the proliferation of hundreds of thousands of AI-generated websites following the launch of their AI website generator last July.

Key Takeaways

  • Wix is unveiling a generative AI feature for app creation and editing, enabling users to convey their vision in plain English.
  • The AI-powered app builder employs a chatbot-like interface to comprehend app objectives and aesthetics.
  • A monthly subscription of $99 is required for the new feature, which delivers fully native iOS and Android app code.
  • CEO Avishai Abrahami emphasizes a commitment to enhancing AI tools and upholding stringent security measures.
  • The AI app builder by Wix is designed to complement, rather than supplant, professional developers for intricate app projects.


Wix's introduction of generative AI for app creation streamlines the process, potentially impacting professional developers by reducing demand for rudimentary app projects. This shift in utilization could potentially lead to a bifurcation in the market, with AI handling more straightforward tasks while developers focus on complex, tailor-made solutions. The $99 monthly subscription targets small businesses seeking affordable, adaptable apps, which may bolster Wix's revenue while inviting competition from other tech companies. The aspect of security is fundamental and demands robust measures from Wix to foster user trust. Over time, this integration of AI could redefine app development, prioritizing high-end, specialized services while AI streamlines the routine aspects.

Did You Know?

  • Generative AI: This entails artificial intelligence systems that produce new content or designs, such as text, images, or, in this case, mobile app structures. Unlike conventional AI that processes existing data, generative AI employs algorithms to generate new, original content based on learned patterns from training data.
  • Native App Code: This refers to code specifically written for a particular platform, like iOS or Android, utilizing the platform's native programming languages, which typically results in improved performance and access to device features compared to cross-platform or web-based apps.
  • Chatbot-like Interface: This interface simulates a conversation with a human, enabling users to interact with a system by typing or speaking in natural language. In the context of Wix's new feature, this interface assists users in articulating their app vision, which the AI then interprets to generate the app structure and design.

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