X to Launch Payments Service in 2024 as Anticipated

X to Launch Payments Service in 2024 as Anticipated

Dmitri Ivanov
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Insider Reveals X Payments Service Anticipated to Integrate Dogecoin in 2024

An insider from the X and Dogecoin teams has unveiled the upcoming launch of X Payments service anticipated for later this year. This revelation has sparked excitement within the Dogecoin community and beyond, as it paves the way for the integration of the meme cryptocurrency into Elon Musk's widely used "free speech" platform. While Musk is yet to confirm DOGE as an official X currency, the resilient DOGE army remains optimistic. X Corporation is actively obtaining licenses to process payments, including cryptocurrencies, in multiple U.S. states, fueling hopes for future DOGE integration on X.

Key Takeaways

  • A confidential source, known as "DogeDesigner," has disclosed the expected 2024 launch of the X Payments service, generating enthusiasm within the Dogecoin community.
  • Elon Musk has not officially acknowledged plans to incorporate DOGE as an official currency on X, but this has not diminished the zeal of DOGE supporters.
  • Musk has emphasized that neither X nor any of his entities will develop native cryptocurrencies to sidestep potential SEC complications.
  • X Corporation is diligently obtaining licenses for processing payments, including cryptocurrencies, across various U.S. states.
  • The optimism of the Dogecoin community appears to rest on the speculation that Musk will embrace DOGE as a payment alternative on X.


The prospective integration of the X Payments service with Dogecoin, as divulged by an insider, has the potential to elevate Dogecoin's acceptance and value. Nevertheless, Musk's clarification regarding the absence of native cryptocurrency creation by his companies, including X, may deter certain users. X Corporation's pursuit of payment processing licenses across the U.S., encompassing cryptocurrencies, signifies a comprehensive payment strategy. Ramifications may include heightened cryptocurrency usage on X, heightened competition for other crypto-friendly platforms, and potential regulatory scrutiny. Established entities such as PayPal and Square, providing crypto payment services, could encounter intensified competition. The enduring impact hinges on the execution by X and the sustained popularity of Dogecoin.

Did You Know?

  • X Payments Service: This highly anticipated payment service is expected to launch in 2024, creating widespread anticipation and speculation within the cryptocurrency community.

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