Zeliq Raises $10M in Funding for US Expansion

Zeliq Raises $10M in Funding for US Expansion

Nikolai Ivanov
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Zeliq Secures $10M to Expand Operations in the US

Paris-based SaaS company, Zeliq, has successfully secured an additional $10 million in funding led by Exor Ventures, with support from Resonance VC, aiming to scale its operations in the US market. Zeliq's innovative platform simplifies sales management by integrating various tools into a single interface, providing businesses with the capability to conduct targeted virtual sales. The platform has recently transitioned from beta testing to an official launch after a successful debut on Product Hunt in November 2023. Notably, Zeliq's feature set includes identifying sales prospects, automating workflows, and leveraging AI for personalized outreach, drawing insights from an extensive database of potential buyers. At present, Zeliq's customer base predominantly consists of 50% French and 25% US-based clients, with the remainder distributed globally. The influx of new capital will facilitate further expansion efforts in the US and other international markets, with a specific focus on marketing, product development, and talent acquisition. Dorian Ciavarella, Zeliq's co-founder and CEO, highlighted the company's commitment to streamlining sales processes and expressed confidence in the rapid pace of fundraising achievements, underscoring the investors' unwavering support for their vision.

Key Takeaways

  • Zeliq raises $10M to expand operations into the US.
  • The SaaS platform streamlines sales management on a single platform.
  • Funding led by Exor Ventures and supported by Resonance VC.
  • Zeliq uses AI for sales prospecting, workflow automation, and personalized outreach.
  • 50% of Zeliq's customers are in France, with plans to scale in the US and globally.


Zeliq's strategic expansion into the US, buoyed by the $10 million funding, signifies a calculated effort to capitalize on substantial market opportunities. This move has the potential to disrupt the SaaS market in the US, particularly within the sales management domain, by offering an efficient, AI-driven solution. Investors such as Exor Ventures and Resonance VC are well-positioned to reap the rewards of Zeliq's growth, potentially leading to profitable outcomes. Conversely, competitors may face heightened pressure to innovate or adjust their pricing strategies. In the long run, Zeliq's success could redefine global standards for sales automation, influencing hiring practices and technology incorporation within sales departments.

Did You Know?

  • SaaS (Software as a Service): Zeliq operates as a SaaS company, providing a platform accessible via the internet for businesses to manage their sales processes effectively.
  • Product Hunt: This website serves as a platform for the exhibition and discovery of new products, enabling creators to launch their latest tech innovations and gather feedback from early adopters.
  • AI for Sales Prospecting: The application of artificial intelligence to identify potential customers or sales leads by analyzing extensive datasets, facilitating more targeted and efficient sales strategies.

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