Apple Faces Growing Antitrust Troubles

Elena Rossi
1 min read

Apple is facing increased antitrust challenges with the DOJ filing a case for monopolistic behavior, adding to ongoing scrutiny from EU competition enforcers. The European Union recently fined Apple close to $2 billion for anticompetitive practices related to music streaming services and has designated Apple as a 'gatekeeper' under the Digital Markets Act, leading to stricter reviews. The DOJ's complaint against Apple focuses on restrictions imposed on super apps, mobile cloud streaming, cross-platform messaging, payment tech and third party smartwatches, aiming to reduce fees for developers. As the EU's influence on antitrust enforcements grows, U.S. antitrust enforcers may intensify focus on Apple's behaviors, especially concerning the new core tech fee. With several ongoing investigations in various countries including Germany, South Korea, India, and the U.K., Apple's antitrust troubles are showing no signs of waning, indicating serious challenges for its business.

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