AWS Launches Sovereign Cloud in Europe

AWS Launches Sovereign Cloud in Europe

Sofia Müller
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AWS to Launch Sovereign Cloud in Germany, Investing €7.8B

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced its plans to launch a sovereign cloud in Europe, specifically in Bradenburg, Germany. This strategic move aims to enhance data residency and security within the EU. The cloud servers are expected to be operational by 2025.

Key Takeaways

  • AWS is set to launch a European 'sovereign cloud' in Germany by 2025, with a substantial investment of €7.8B.
  • This new cloud infrastructure will function independently from existing regions, providing access solely to EU-based AWS employees.
  • Designed specifically for the public sector and highly-regulated industries, the purpose is to ensure the confinement of data and metadata within the EU.
  • AWS's investment is projected to contribute €17.2B to Germany's GDP by 2040 and support 2,800 jobs annually.
  • The decision reflects the mounting regulatory pressure and intensifying competition within the European cloud market.


The decision by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to establish a sovereign cloud in Europe, particularly in Bradenburg, Germany, is a direct response to the escalating regulatory pressure and market competition. With a substantial investment of €7.8B, this initiative aims to strengthen data residency and security within the EU, especially for the public sector and highly-regulated industries. The cloud's operation as an independent entity from existing regions, exclusively accessible to EU-based AWS employees, ensures the confinement of data and metadata within the EU borders. The anticipated economic impact includes a potential contribution of €17.2B to Germany's GDP and the creation of 2,800 jobs annually by 2040. This strategic move is expected to bolster data security, generate employment opportunities, and spur economic growth in Germany. Furthermore, it is likely to heighten competition for other cloud service providers in Europe and could potentially inspire similar investments from other tech firms within the EU.

Did You Know?

  • Sovereign Cloud: It refers to a cloud computing environment that is operated and managed by a domestic entity within the country's borders, adhering to its laws and regulations. It aims to provide enhanced control, security, and data privacy, particularly catering to organizations with strict data residency requirements such as government agencies and highly regulated industries.
  • Data Residency: This term denotes the physical location where an organization's data is stored, processed, and managed, often dictated by specific laws and regulations of countries or regions. Compliance with data residency laws is crucial for mitigating legal and operational risks, ensuring security, and maintaining customer trust.
  • Highly-Regulated Industries: These are sectors that face extensive and intricate laws, regulations, and standards due to the nature of their activities or the sensitivity of their data. Examples include finance, healthcare, defense, energy, transportation, and telecommunications. Such industries demand specialized IT solutions that meet their intricate compliance, security, and performance needs.

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