Netflix Unveils New Ad Tech Platform for Advertisers

Netflix Unveils New Ad Tech Platform for Advertisers

Elena Silva
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Netflix Unveils Plan to Develop Its Own Ad Tech Platform

Netflix has announced its intention to roll out its own advertising technology platform, facilitating the purchase of ad space on the streaming service. The company disclosed that its ad inventory will be accessible for procurement across diverse ad tech platforms including Google's Display & Video 360, The Trade Desk, and Magnite. This strategic move follows Netflix's partnership with Microsoft's Xandr, which played a key role in the launch of Netflix's ad-supported tier.

Key Takeaways

  • Netflix is venturing into the development of its own ad technology platform
  • Ad inventory will be up for grabs on Google's Display & Video 360, The Trade Desk, Magnite, and Microsoft's Xandr
  • Netflix has already introduced its ad-supported service with the aid of Xandr


Netflix's entrance into advertising technology, via the launch of its own ad platform and collaborations with leading entities such as Google, The Trade Desk, Magnite, and Microsoft's Xandr, carries significant implications. This maneuver has the potential to disrupt the ad tech landscape, impacting competitors and offering advertisers increased access to Netflix's expansive user base. The root causes behind this shift include the necessity to diversify revenue channels and elevate personalized user experiences. Short-term repercussions may involve a more crowded user interface and amplified competition for ad spending. In the long run, this move could reshape the streaming industry, prompting other platforms to follow suit and leading to a more varied, ad-supported streaming ecosystem.

Did You Know?

  • Ad Technology Platform: This encompasses the software and systems that facilitate the purchase, sale, and delivery of digital advertising inventory. Ad tech platforms offer tools for managing and optimizing advertising campaigns, targeting specific audiences, and gauging ad effectiveness. Netflix's in-house ad technology platform will empower the streaming service to directly vend ad space to advertisers, granting them greater authority over the nature of ads showcased on their platform.
  • Ad Inventory: This refers to the available advertising space that a platform presents to advertisers. In the realm of Netflix, ad inventory entails the ad space on its ad tech platform available for procurement. Advertisers can acquire this ad inventory to exhibit their ads to Netflix's audience. By expanding the availability of its ad inventory on multiple ad tech platforms, Netflix is extending its outreach and simplifying the process for advertisers to secure ad space on its platform.
  • Ad-Supported Tier: This subscription model enables users to access a service at no cost or at a reduced rate, but with advertisements. In the case of Netflix, the ad-supported tier enables users to view some or all of its content with ads. This marks a departure from its former business model, which relied solely on subscription fees. By launching an ad-supported tier, Netflix aims to attract a broader audience and heighten revenue generation through advertising.

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