NewsBreak App Acknowledges Content Errors

NewsBreak App Acknowledges Content Errors

Elena Cruz
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NewsBreak AI-Generated News Raises Concerns

The most downloaded local news app in the US, NewsBreak, has made a significant update by adding a disclaimer acknowledging that its content may not always be error-free. This decision comes in the wake of several incidents where the app's AI-generated stories caused confusion and distress. Notably, on Christmas Eve, NewsBreak published a fake story about a shooting in New Jersey, leading local police to confirm that the event never occurred. The app has also been linked to at least 40 misleading or erroneous stories since 2021, impacting organizations such as a Colorado food bank and a Pennsylvania charity. NewsBreak has attributed these inaccuracies to flawed external content sources and has taken steps to remove affected articles. However, concerns about the reliability of AI-generated news persist.

Key Takeaways

  • NewsBreak, a top local news app, faced backlash for an AI-generated fake shooting story in New Jersey.
  • The app's AI tool has published at least 40 misleading or erroneous stories since 2021.
  • Misinformation from NewsBreak led to real-world issues, like turning away people from food banks and charities.
  • NewsBreak blames external content sources for inaccuracies, despite adding a disclaimer about errors on its homepage.
  • The app has been found publishing local news stories under fictitious bylines, raising concerns about content authenticity.


NewsBreak's AI-driven inaccuracies have sparked public mistrust and impacted organizations, causing operational disruptions and reputational damage. The reliance on AI without sufficient human oversight led to these errors, exacerbated by reliance on potentially flawed external data sources. Short-term consequences include public confusion, while long-term impacts could involve regulatory scrutiny and diminished app usage. Future developments may see increased AI regulation and a shift towards more balanced AI-human content creation models to ensure accuracy and trustworthiness.

Did You Know?

  • AI-generated news: Refers to news content created using artificial intelligence algorithms. These systems can analyze data, generate narratives, and even mimic human writing styles. However, they are prone to errors and can produce misleading information if not properly supervised or if the data they use is flawed.
  • NewsBreak: A popular local news app in the US that uses AI to generate news stories. It has faced criticism for publishing inaccurate and misleading content, highlighting the challenges of relying on AI for news production without adequate human oversight.
  • Fictitious bylines: These are fake author names attached to news articles, raising ethical concerns about transparency and the authenticity of the content. In the context of NewsBreak, using fictitious bylines misleads readers into believing the articles are written by real journalists.

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