Xai's AI Tool "Grok" Faces Backlash Over Limited Ad Copy Abilities and Inappropriate Tone

Xai's AI Tool "Grok" Faces Backlash Over Limited Ad Copy Abilities and Inappropriate Tone

Sofia Mendoza
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Xai's AI Tool "Grok" Faces Backlash Over Limited Ad Copy Abilities and Inappropriate Tone

Grok, an AI tool from Xai, is drawing criticism for its restricted capabilities in creating ad copy, with experts deeming it as "basic" and unsuitable for experienced social or brand managers. Unlike its counterparts like ChatGPT, Grok is unable to generate imagery and is constrained to crafting text for ads. An important drawback is Grok's intentional sarcastic tone, which includes profanity, contradicting the expectations of most advertisers. This approach, devised by Elon Musk to oppose "woke" culture, has raised concerns among advertisers about the suitability of Grok's output for their brand messaging. While Xai strives to sustain advertisers and users, the introduction of Grok seems to have fallen short, with some perceiving it as a desperate attempt to regain traction in a competitive digital ad market dominated by Meta and Google.

Key Takeaways

  • Grok, an AI from Xai, is criticized for its basic ad copy creation abilities and sarcastic tone.
  • Grok's training includes using a flippant and even cursing in responses, which is unappealing to advertisers.
  • X, formerly Twitter, has seen its ad revenue halve in 2023, struggling to retain advertisers and users.
  • X is now targeting small and medium-sized businesses for advertising, offering a $200 discount on ad buys.
  • Major brands like Disney have stopped advertising on X due to concerns over hate speech and Musk's controversial support.


Grok's limited ad copy capabilities and inappropriate tone, designed to counter "woke" culture, have alienated major advertisers, exacerbating X's revenue decline. The AI's inability to generate imagery and its sarcastic, profane tone clash with professional advertising standards, prompting concerns about brand integrity. This misalignment could push advertisers towards competitors like Meta and Google, further marginalizing X in the digital ad market. In the short term, X's strategy to attract small and medium-sized businesses with discounts may offset some losses, but long-term viability depends on aligning AI tools with broader market expectations. Failure to adapt Grok's output to more professional standards could lead to sustained advertiser exodus and continued revenue erosion.

Did You Know?

  • Grok: An AI tool developed by Xai, specifically designed for creating ad copy for X (formerly Twitter). Grok is noted for its limited capabilities in generating sophisticated ad content, featuring a programmed sarcastic tone and the inclusion of profanity, which is deemed inappropriate for professional advertising contexts.
  • Xai: A company or division within X (formerly Twitter) that develops AI tools like Grok. Xai's products are tailored for the social media platform's specific needs, such as ad copy generation, but have faced criticism for their functionality and suitability for professional use.
  • Elon Musk's "woke" culture counter: Refers to Elon Musk's approach in designing Grok to have a sarcastic and provocative tone, including the use of profanity, as a response to what he perceives as overly politically correct or "woke" culture. This design choice has been controversial and has impacted the tool's acceptance in the advertising industry.

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